Saturday, October 07, 2006

First Week of Classes

AHH! What to say! How can I possibly get it all in (My question mark isn´t working on this computer).

Update= Class has been going for a week now. here´s a rough break down of our days-

5.30 Wake up, run with other volunteers (not required, just for our own well being)

6 Return, eat breakfast (coffee, bread) shower, read a little, walk to class (See my walk to class in the picture above)

7.45 Spanish and Guarani classes (taught only in Spanish). It`s really amazing how far my spanish has come and how i am learning a third language in a bad second. Mbae`chepa ndererra. That means ''whats your name'' in Guarani. Its quite challenging (actually not too bad).

1130 lunch with families (we all live about 5 minute walk away).

1 return for cultural and technical and other types of training (For example, we have done everything

from learn about apiculture (bee keeping) to the local gestures we should and shouldn´t use (in a game, we learned NOT to use the middle finger. Muy comico).

5 return home to do language homework, read about beekeeping, spend time with our families, use our language, and just take it easy.

We train in each of our local communities, but we also meet once a week in a centralized training center with all of the other volunteers. We have had sessions on safety, history, health, cultural integration, and everything else. It has been really great.

Theres so much more to say, and I want to respond to all of your emails, but the time in this internet cafe is limited and today is the first day we´re going to the hives. Write me letters and I´ll respond to those (although it may take a few weeks).

Thanks for reading and enjoy the above pictures.

Im doing great.


Blogger sammy joe said...

Casey, It's Sammy Joe ;-) I didn't know this site existed until I got your postcard! I've got your address now. It's:
PCT Casey Hudetz
Cuerpo de Paz
162 Chaco Boreal c/Mcal. Lopez
Asuncion 1580, Paraguay
South America

Correct? Everything sounds and looks incredible. I'm glad all is well so far. I'll write soon. Stay well and avoid the beard of bee's ;-)

1:51 PM


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